LOTD – Sponsor – The Rave

I’m proud to introduce our new partnership with HTxDZ and Glasgow Grin!

This outfit is awesome and I’m so happy to be able to share it with you guys!  It makes an awesome getup for going out to a club and dancing your tails off!

.:Corset [Glasgow Grin] Back To Neon Corset:.

.:Shorts [HTxDZ] Back To Neon Booty Shorts:.

.:Shoes [Glasgow Grin] Back To Neon Legwarmer Boots:.


.:Collar [HTxDZ] Back To Neon Ring Collar:. (Releasing on 2/22/15)

.:Bracelets [Glasgow Grin] Back To Neon Jelly B’s:.

There’s even a cute matching nail applier coming out on the 22nd from Glasgow Grin too to go along with the outfit!  The last picture is a nice closeup of them.  :3

Almost everything in this outfit comes with a color change HUD so you can switch to any color you’re feeling at the moment!  The bracelets are gacha items so make sure you play the machine and collect all the colors!!  I’m so happy with how cute this set is and I can’t wait to see what other things these stores have planned!  Make sure you check them out!



LOTD – Snow Angel


.:Skin [Pink Fuel] Harley:.

.:Shape [Pink Fuel] Alyx:.

.:Hands [Slink] Casual:.

.:Mouth [Cathode Rays] Nyam Nyam:.

.:Hair [Little Bones] Moon Child:.

.:Outfit, Mask,Wings, Shoes and Horns [Beautiful Dirty Rich] Hunting Souls:.

.:Butt [Banned] Big Booty:.

.:Bulge [Sensations] Bulge:.

.:Armbands [MUKA] Armbands Love:.

.:Cuffs [MUKA] Cuffs Love:.

.:Butt [Banned] Big Booty:.

.:Feet [Slink] High:.


LOTD – Making A Mess

eSnapshot_001.:Skin [Pink Fuel] Harley:.

.:Shape [Pink Fuel] Alyx:.

.:Hands [Slink] Casual:.

.:Outfit [Beautiful Dirty Rich] Color Explosion:.


.:Hair [Little Bones] Heartthob:.

.:Mouth [Cathode Rays] Nyam Nyam:.

.:Ears [Mandala] Stretched Ears Omimi:.

.:Glasses [Beautiful Dirty Rich] Heart Sunglasses:.

.:Choker [MUKA] Collar Love:.

.:Armbands [MUKA] Armbands Love:.

.:Cuffs [MUKA] Cuffs Love:.

.:Nipple Piercing [Pekka] Shit Luck:.

eSnapshot_002_001.:Butt [Banned] Big Booty:.

.:Feet [Slink] High:.

.:Bulge [Sensations] Bulge:.

LOTD – The Dungeon


.:Shape [Pink Fuel] Alyx:.

.:Skin [Pink Fuel] Harley:.

.:Hair [Spellbound] Lux:.

.:Hands [Slink] Casual:.

.:Gloves [Baii Maii] Gloves Spikes:.

.:Lace Top [Lady Luck] Riske Collection:.

.:Corset [Erratic] Alexis Corset:.


.:Ears [Mandala] Stretched Ears Omimi:.

.:Mouth [Cathode Rays] Nyam Nyam:.

.:Choker [Forge] Noir Collar:.

.:Armbands [MUKA] Love:.

.:Elbow Pads [Utilizator] TCC:.

.:Cuffs [Forge] Noir Cuffs:.

.:Arm Warmers [Chary] Sporty Warmers:.

.:Thong [Sensations] Tanga:.

eSnapshot_003.:Butt [Banned] Petite Booty:.

.:Socks [Chary] Sporty Ballet Socks:.

.:Feet [Slink] High:.

.:Shoes [Avanti] Karma Heels:.

 Credit for the idea of this outfit goes to my friend Daviina ❤

LOTD – Couples – Guest <3 East Vs West


In honor of the NBA Basketball All-Star game tonight, I figured this would be a good theme.

Also the always-beautiful Beca makes a return!


.:Hair [Magika] Almonds:.

.:Top [SYL] West Coast:.

.:Jacket [BOOM] Crop Jacket:.

.:Jeans [Villagers] Distressed Jeans:.

.:Shoes [Candy Doll] Gossa:.

.:Glasses (Top Picture) [Cliche Fashion] Curb Link Shadez:.

.:Nose Piercing [Random Matter] Sanza Nose Chain:.

.:Necklace [RYCA] Lion Gold:.

.:Bracelet [Reverie] Cailag Bangle:.

.:Watch [Mandala] Billionaire:.

.:Anklet [HolliPocket] Pearly Girlie:.

eSnapshot_006.:Shape [TSG] Alyx (Edited):.

.:Skin [TSG] Kumi (w/Flat Chest Layer):.

.:Mouth [Cathode Rays] Nyam Nyam:.

.:Hands [Slink] Casual:.

.:Butt [Banned] Big Booty:.

.:Feet [Slink] High:.

.:Hair & Hat [Beusy] Grimes:.

.:Top [Ditzzy Designs] White Tank Top:.

.:Flannel [Ditzzy Designs] Tied Flannel Shirt:.

.:Jeans [The Whore Mansion] Pin Up Jeans:.

.:Bulge [Sensations] Bulge (Custom Texture):.

.:Shoes [Zen Creations] Glass Heels:.

.:Necklace [Pekka] Bullet Chain:.

.:Bracelets [Mandala] Sankara:.



.:Shape [Pink Fuel] Alyx (Custom):.

.:Skin [Pink Fuel] Harley w/ Flat Chest Layer:.

.:Blood [Repulse] Slaughter:.

.:Shirt [Luckie] Onesiefied:.

.:Socks [Luckie] Bloodie Bath Socks:.

.:Belt [Blitzed] Legacy Belt:.

.:Bulge [Sensations] Bulge:.

.:Feet [Slink] High:.


.:Head [Genesis Lab] Cute Monster (Exclusive to The Showroom):.

.:Hair [Exile] Rain:.

.:Headphones [Remarkable Oblivion] Amped Earphones:.

.:Choker [Devil’s Dare Design] Leather Kitty Collar:.

.:Hands [Slink] Casual:.

2d6a163ed45c6b3b1927b3e46c3ac0abSorry for the nightmare fuel.  :3

LOTD – Born In The Wrong Time


.:Shape [Pink Fuel] Alyx (Custom):.

.:Skin [Pink Fuel] Harley w/ Flat Chest Layer:.

.:Hair [enVOGUE] Olivia:.

.:Dress [Le Forme] Lace Long Dress:.

Snapshot_003.:Mouth [Cathode Rays] Nyam Nyam:.

.:Ears [Mandala] Stretched Ears Omimi:.

.:Hands [Slink] Casual:.

.:Gloves [Graves] Long:.

.:Stole [The Whore Mansion] Sexy Fur Stole:.

.:Necklace [Maxi Gossamer] Black Tahitian Pearl:.

.:Cigarette [Nikotin] Classic Cigarette:.

.:Butt [Banned] Big Booty:.

.:Heels [Beautiful Dirty Rich] Hideaway Heels:.

Guest <3 Black Widow


This beautiful boy is Beca Staheli.  He has an amazing sense of style and everyday I strive to be as gorgeous as him.  I’m looking forward to more guest posts from him in the future. ❤

.:Top [Fade Arcade Designs] Lascivious Leather Corset:.

.:Skirt [Happy Undead] Mini Skirt:.


.:Hair [Little Bones] Snow Spell:.

.:Hat [Moon] Wide Brim Hat:.

.:Glasses [Villena] Double Frame Round Glasses:.

.:Earrings [Random Matter] Abaddon Earrings:.

.:Choker [Muka] Collar Love:.

.:Gloves [Arise] Long Gloves:.

.:Bangles [Reverie] CaiLaG Bangles:.

.:Rings [Bliesen] Rawwr Claws:.


.:Shoes [Moda] Pacha Platform Heels:.

.:Anklet [Maxi Gossamer] Kinbaku:.

If you love his style as much as I do, make sure you check out his Flickr for more looks at his beautiful avi!


LOTD – Cloudy Day


.:Head [The Sugar Garden] Mizu:.

.:Skin [The Sugar Garden] Mizu:.

.:Hair [Burley] Sirah:.

.:Heels [The Secret Store] Lovable Pumps:.


.:Top [Ninfanium] Poshi Sweater:.

.:Jeans [Sensations] Tight Pants:.

Snapshot_003Not a whole lot to this outfit.  Sometimes simple goes a long way!  Don’t think too much into an outfit if you don’t need to!

LOTD – SL(C)Punk

5a79287e3bfd8008308921ea1a8b39b3.:Mesh Head [The Sugar Garden] Mizu:.

.:Skin [The Sugar Garden] Mizu w/ Flat Chest Layer:.

.:Hands [Slink] Casual:.

.:Hair [Truth] Nova:.

Yes this hair was in the last outfit but I’m in love with it.  It’s cool to see how just a different color can change the tone of it altogether.

4a978e111a155f993150a82198f84e72.:Jacket [Beautiful Dirty Rich] Gothic Jacket (Don’t Label Me):.

.:Bottoms [Beautiful Dirty Rich] Basic Leggings (Don’t Label Me):.

.:Boots [Beautiful Dirty Rich] Chained Boots (Don’t Label Me):.


.:Necklace [Beautiful Dirty Rich] Cross Choker (Don’t Label Me):.

.:Rings [Izzie’s] Midi Rings:.

I have quite a few outfits lined up from Beautiful Dirty Rich that will be up here within the next coming weeks.  They have sets that are faaaaaantastic for femboys that are looking for a complete outfit to go along with their Banned/Phat Azz/etc.  The outfits are perfect because, since they’re made with appliers in mind, they come with clothing layers.  That makes them perfect for flat chests.  I’m not usually a big fan of clothing layers but when the quality is this good, it’s hard to fight it.  Definitely give the store a look.  Guaranteed you won’t be disappointed.